SBS-PopDesi-300x160As a new world country Australia’s population is made up of its indigenous peoples and a significant amount of people who have come from a migrant background.

SBS was launched 30 years ago to reflect Australia’s diverse culture and population. Australia’s demography since that time has changed significantly and this led to a review of how SBS engages with young multicultural Australians – those young Australians who maybe first or second-generation migrants.

As Director of Audio (radio) and Languages I led a project to identify new products and services that would enable SBS to deliver on its charter obligations by building new and younger audiences.

New potential audiences were identified as those from the Chinese Australian, Arabic Australian and Indian Australian communities.  These were also younger an upwardly mobile looking for more than simply broadcast content.

The greatest insight form all the data gathered is that while there are many differences in diverse culture there are many similarities. The most striking are the similarities in popular culture, in music, fashion, brands and in particular, a fusion of western influenced popular culture from their backgrounds.

We created a new umbrella brand, SBSPop and launched three new services to the new markets, team to 3 national music radio stations, the first being SBSPop Asia, then SBSPop Arabia and SBSPop Desi.

The distinctiveness of these services is exceptional, sourcing the latest hit music from originating regions but is targeting local fashion and pop culture to their Australian audiences living a working in Sydney or Melbourne or wherever.

The services have become a meaningful achievement for SBS.  From launch to today, they continue to grow and engage with new younger audiences through their multi-platform SBSPop brand extension.