SBSPop Asia TV

images-3SBS, Australia’s second public service broadcaster, provides national  TV, Radio and digital media services to all Australians.  Its business model is similar to that of UK’s Channel 4, owned by the taxpayer but partly funded by commercial advertising.

Since SBS’s launch 30 years ago Australia’s demography has changed significantly and this lead to a review of how SBS engages with young multicultural Australians – those young Australians who have a diverse background as a first or second-generation migrants.

As a Director with expertise in the international commercial media sector, I was responsible for identifying new opportunities.  We formed a cross-functional team drawn from TV, Marketing, Digital, Radio and Technology to identify new markets and recommend new services to the Executive. One new product concept that became apparent was the community of interest around music, fashion, brands and in particular, a fusion of western influenced popular culture from their backgrounds.

Unknown-2We created a new umbrella brand, SBSPop and launched SBSPop Asia TV. The objective of SBSPop Asia TV was to generate new audiences to SBS and create two way engagement to enable SBS to deliver on it;s public service remit.

This music television show is an amazing success for SBS, it has significantly grown audience in its timeslots.  SBS PopAsia TV was first to launch with Facebook and Twitter second screen dialogue with fans. SBS is now able to engage in two-way conversations and build deeper relationships across the range of services.