SBS Mandarin News Australia

SBS, Australia’s second public service broadcaster, provides national  TV, Radio and digital media services to all Australians.  Its business model is similar to that of UK’s Channel 4, owned by the taxpayer but partly funded by commercial advertising.

Since SBS’s launch 30 years ago Australia’s demography has changed significantly and this lead to a review of its services.  As a Content Director, I led a cross-functional team drawn from TV, Marketing, Digital, Radio and Technology to identify new markets and recommend new services to the Executive.

Three groups emerged, Australians from Chinese, Arabic and Indian backgrounds.  Chinese Australians were targeted for the first new services.

The first step was to understand the differences in the overall target market (Chinese Australians) and the subtle differences of the segments with in, for example: older first generation migrants and the younger second generation population.  Information had been gathered and intelligence taken. My role was leading the team to offer insight and make a recommendation to the SBS Board for new products and services.

Subsequently we launched Australia’ first National TV news and current affairs programme for Chinese Australians.   In another first this weekly TV program was produced within the Audio (Radio) and Languages division of SBS. Utilizing the expertise of the radio and languages teams by training them to become video journalists, SBS could launch a new service much more cost effectively.