GWR Group

gwr-radioDuring the 90’s UK media legislation was changing and the radio market was beginning its first round of consolidation. Radio groups were forming including, GWR Group who saw the opportunity to play a lead role in consolidating the radio industry.

As Director of Content and part of the Company’s senior leadership team our objective was to acquire underperforming radio assets and to turn them into successful local media businesses.During the radio industry consolidation of the 90’s GWR Group acquired some 33 radio licences. Each radio station underwent a major strategic review in sales, audience, and marketing.GWR Group’s proven sales and programming systems were put in place in each station and extensive training provide to station management and teams.

Leading the content teams, I was responsible for developing a successful Brand and Product strategy in each market. The positive audiences growth in each of the markets provide our advertising clients with responsive audiences and greater recurring revenues for our stations.

The success of the GWR’s acquisition strategy and the significant improvement in over 30 UK local radio stations’ performance meant that by the early 2000’s it became the UK’s largest radio group. This experience would lead to it becoming the significant radio company in the UK’s future round of consolidation in 2005.