Capital Radio Kampala

cap-live2Capital Radio in Uganda’s capital city of  Kampala had launched and the owners believed that following the launch phase the station was underperforming against their competitors. New licences were also likely to add to the competitive pressure.

I was retained by Capital Radio to advise on their content strategy and recommend how they would grow audiences and achieve market leadership thus establishing long-term market ownership of the key demographics – before the competition.

A market study was conducted to ascertain Capital FM’s and it’s competitors’ size and ownership of key product attributes. The analysis of the data identified key market strengths and weaknesses and from there recommendations were made.

The new strategy included Capital FM brand positioning, product strategy for music, personality-led drive time shows, and an extensive promotions and contesting plan.

As an experience media operator/manager who has led significant transformation programmes the consultancy service I offer is more than recommendations.  I supported the station owners and worked closely with their management teams to execute the plan.

The results for Capital FM in Uganda were impressive. The turnaround to audience growth was swift and the advertiser response saw double digit growth over subsequent budget years.

More impressive was the commitment of the owners to maintain the momentum. Some ten years on Capital FM is still Uganda’s market leader.  It has been the pivot points for the creation of Radio Africa Co which is now one of Africa’s leading media companies spanning radio, digital media and newspapers.