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Why managing up is as important as just managing

It sometimes appears that getting the views of middle managers by leaders seems to be based more on relationships than skill or experience. Why is it that? Perhaps it’s because some colleagues appear to have a more positive, naturally cohesive relationship than...

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Setting your team goals? Debrief first.

Review your 2013 team goals. This is the time of year for resolutions and there is a plethora of opinion on the merits of resolutions, and even more on how to set goals. If you are in the communications and media business you’re raring to go after a quiet time.  But...

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Team Performance 3 simple steps to better working

Building teamwork fast You have a new product or service or you’re about to launch a new organisational initiative, how you to ensure the best possible chance of success? Many important steps need to be taken to create a robust plan to deliver your new organisational...

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Do you really know your audience?

My work as an external advisor to media organisations, broadcast personality shows, digital services and even non media companies, is all about asking the obvious questions.  This is also known as asking the dumb question. I recently sat in on a media show review. As...

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Setting your goals to grow audiences

Setting your goals to grow audiences How do you manage your creative talent? OR, does your creative talent manage you? How confident are you that the individuals in your team know the end goals your business needs them to be aiming for? For people working in smaller...

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Authentic Personalities win Audiences with great Content

There are people who have the ability to tell a great story; those who can spin a great yarn and hold an audience. What is about their story telling technique that’s grabs your attention and makes you want to listen to what they have to say?  What is it about them,...

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Content marketing – the new editorial?

Content Marketing is the new buzz word(s) in the world of brand marketing.  It’s a compelling new label for what sound remarkably similar to Sponsorship and/or Promotions. In some countries the words for Sponsorship and Promotions have changed to Integration, to...

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Engaging Audiences on social – what you already know

Google ‘audience engagement’ now. You will be assaulted by more opinion than you could ever take on, let alone come up with coherent insight. I apologise for adding to the list.  My aim here is to offer a positive perspective to ‘traditional’ media people; whatever...

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5 questions to give great feedback to your best people

Giving your high performing people feedback can be a daunting task. Even the most accomplished managers and leaders have occasions where they think hard before offering constructive feedback to their best people.  Managers fear upsetting the delicate ego and losing...

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