About me

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Strategic Media Consultant

I am an experienced international media consultant, with a track record of delivering clear strategic vision and creating value for media brands and consumer-facing businesses around the world, including the UK, Europe, UAE, and Australia.

I am effective in developing and implementing organisational solutions and new cultures in businesses, for developing high performance teams and people.

As a person whose expertise in media, I really understand how to encourage a consumer to have a personal relationship with a consumer brand. Now that all brands feel the need to move from broadcasting to listening to sharing, understanding this relationship becomes more and more important.

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As Director, Audio and Languages for SBS Australia, I was responsible for a team of 200 providing News, Information, Music and Audience engagement across two National Radio Networks, TV News, Music Channels, Online, Mobile & Social platforms. I was the lead Director for a major change programme within Australia’s second public service broadcaster.

As Group Content Director of GCap Media I was responsible for all online and on-air content across the entire portfolio of the UK’s largest commercial radio group.  This included National, regional local and London Brands such as Capital fm, Classic fm, Xfm and Planet Rock. I also led the content integration of two major radio companies (Capital Radio Group Plc and GWR Group plc), contributing towards a £200 million GBP turn over, with 2,000 staff.

International media business experience across all platforms

I’m a Strategic Media Consultant who helps companies work out their future across all platforms. My expertise spans strategy, programming, editorial, product development and large team management across a broad suite of media platforms – old and new.

A track record of success across multiple international markets

I can help you exploit best practice from the most competitive media markets.  I can offer expertise in English and non English speaking markets. I have worked with and advised from small radio companies to large media groups over a dozen countries.

Strategic vision and practical advice on how to make change happen.

My offer is end to end, from identifying a market opportunity, setting the organisational strategy and then working alongside the operational team to execute the plan. My experience as a director and operational manager means I understand the practicalities of implementing any project, large or small.

Experience in organisational transformation in private and public sector media

I offer expertise as a change agent. I advise media clients who see the need to make changes to all, or part of their business. My experience within commercial and public sector broadcasters means I understand the processes and skills required to plan and implement a change programme.[hr]

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